About Us

YS, a company with the spirit of sustainable service. From the beginning, Yong Syu with the purpose of service offers huge property and heart to customer just in order to make the service and quality become excellent.


The main things of YS are the process of filing, middle and protection of domestic and foreign patent, trademark, and copyright and so on. Also, YS cooperate with the civil, penal and administrative proceeding attorney who with the abundant experience of IP in Taiwan to provide the whole-service to clients.


YS assists clients in filing, preserving and protecting the case of domestic and foreign patent, trademark and copyright and so on, also provide professional consultant to clients about IP service and information . Besides, according to different areas of client cases, such as electronics, electric machinery, mechanics, informatology, communication, software, optoelectronics, semiconductor, chemical engineering, biotechnology and so forth, YS clients’ can get the great guarantee by the professional personnel service who are relating to the field.


In order to provide the more professional service to clients, YS especially sets up IP engineer to offer the complete plan to products and service of various clients. Therefore, the rights of clients can get the great guarantee from YS. Meanwhile, YS also get the great comment and good reputation in International. We hope all the companies no matter which field you are can give us a chance to service you. Moreover, we also respectfully accept your instruction and we will appreciate you in deeply from the bottom of our heart.